The Government of the Skies rules over the governments of the land

The Supreme Court cannot give you eternal life,

The Congress cannot extend its hand to heal you,

No President ever laid down his life for you.

No Government bureaucracy can love you like a father.

They can give you food stamps, but not the Holy Ghost.

They can give you Medicaid and Medicare, but cannot heal your broken spirit.

They can send you Social Security checks but cannot raise you from the dead.

Earthly governments have their place, a place given to them by God,

but they, too, have their limitations.

They cannot give you anything they have not already taken from you

or from someone else.

The Kingdom of Heaven rules over the kingdoms of earth.

The Government of the Skies reigns supreme over every government of every land,

and all people and every living thing in Heaven and Earth, (Sky and Land), give account to Jesus Christ, 

Lord of Lords, King of Kings, (Boss of bosses, Governor of governors),

to whom all authority in Heaven and Earth, (Sky and Land), has been given by God, the Creator of everything.

There is a Government of the Skies, the Kingdom of the Heavens,

and its laws and authority and power are as high over the governments of land-based men

as the Skies are high over the lands they live in.

This Law, the Law of God's Government, the Government of the Skies, the Kingdom of the Heavens

is plainly knowable and known.

It is the New Testament Law of Christ,

signed with His own blood

on the Cross,

ratified by God Almighty by His Resurrection from the dead.

And there is no violation unpunished of this Law of God, no defiance not struck down, no rebellion not quashed, no competitor left standing,

when God has finished allowing it to serve its unwitting purpose in His plan.

Let sinners rejoice at their ill-gotten, petty and hollow victories,

and let them celebrate in the open,

only to be marked for judgment

that will come in good time,

whether seen in our natural lifetimes

or in the eternities enjoyed by God's pure-hearted people, obedient Christians from all ages and every place under the Sky.

To God who is able to reserve the unfaithful for judgment

while preserving the faithful through all difficulties,

be the credit for all these things.



We Christians have a Government that is watching out for us

to preserve us

to prosper us

to ensure our survival and good success

to honor and appreciate and enjoy us

and has raised us up to sit in heavenly places with God over all the Cosmos of His Creation

as partners with Himself

as His own sons and daughters

heirs of the Cosmos and everything He owns.

This we owe to Christ Jesus our Lord, our Boss, our Shepherd, our Governor, our Teacher, our brother

who layed down His life, His own flesh and blood,

for us

to show us how much He loves us

and how serious He is about punishing violations of His Law, the Law of Love.

And God is love.

May you live in love forever

with God

and His Son Jesus

filled with His Spirit

enjoying His People, Christians of all generations and places,

and every blessing of Heaven,

by your faith-inspired obedience to Christ Jesus the Savior.